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14 Nov 2011 - Off The Rails

Marian Heffernan: Ok every so often us athletes get thrown a bone, mine is in the form of a top Irish Fashion Programme Off The Rails. I got word last week that I might be able to get on the show where the theme is “Making over athletes for Christmas”. I know how nice of them to think of us.


I made my way to Dublin on Tuesday the 7th November. Stayed in a lovely hotel in Merrion Square complements of R.T.E. Filming started at 9 and went on till 4 it was a very swanky affair shot in the gorgeous rooms in the R.D.S. The rooms were made up in an indulgent Christmas theme a far cry from any Christmas iv ever had but the crew really pulled out all the stops it was a really nice break and not at all my average Wednesday. Taking all that for face value ill get down to the important part “The style”. The clothes rack was like it was taken from a dressing room of a 1950s Hollywood film set. Furs, sequents and frills it was all very elegant. It was fairly hardcore compared to the running tights and skins I usually sport but I was game for any glittery frock they wanted to put me in. The hair and makeup followed suit, it was dramatic and full and totally not what I was used to. Looking in the mirror it was like a different person. It was a real big change, it was fun, like playing dress up but I wasn’t 5 and the shoes weren’t my mams and the dresses actually fit.


The whole experience was great I got to meet Melanne Knocker Irish swimmer and Katie Walsh the top Irish female jockey. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Katie means you get the inside scoop on horses, so the few tips she gave me might help toward the Australia trip. Also having top hair/makeup stylist work on you for the day is enough to keep any mother/wife/athlete going for a while or “quiet” as Rob has kindly put it.