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14 Nov 2011 - Back training (ahhhhh)

Marian Heffernan: Each year around the 1st -7th of October i go through the same harsh wake up call. My body screams to me “what the hell are you doing”. Coming off a really great year breaking my p.b and provisionally qualifying for next years Olympics I approached my year with confidence and conviction only to be met with fatigue and lactic. All par for the course though and enjoyable to an extent.


We get four weeks off each year, being so regimented for the 11 months that one month you get off you can let things slide so much. I did keep relatively active taking part in the Women’s Evening Echo Mini Marathon where i finished 2nd in my age category 20-35 but finished 20th over all. Not bad for a sprinter but any notions I had of ever being a distance athlete were squashed on that 4 mile run. I can honestly say I am a sprinter through and through.


We sit down every year and try to plan out as much as possible trips away, camps and races. At the moment were organising a training camp in Australia for December- January. So much goes into the preparation of the trip even down to things like Cathals school work which we get from his school has to be sorted in advance. We are leaving for 7 weeks taking in the Christmas holidays, the trip stood to us big time last year so investing in Olympic year, fingers crossed will have its pay offs. Not much happening at the moment October/November training feels like October/November training. So must be on the right track. The cold weather is slowly creeping in but the Australian sun will make the crippling, long winter sessions oh so easier to bear.