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03 Jun 2011 - Back training for Worlds

Rob Heffernan: Starting back today after having the last 10 days easy. The first part of my year was aimed towards the European cup. I took in a few world grand prix races along the way. These races went well considering the phase of training I was in but the Euro cup ended up been a nightmare for me. Training went really well up to 10 days before the race and I could say I was in the best shape I was ever in after spending a month at altitude. I rented a cave house in the mountains of Seirra Nevada. My wife and two kids Cathal and Meghan spent the first ten days with me. The next ten days where spent alone and the last 10days I was joined by the Minotaur man. All in all the camp worked out really well. Unfortunately I had a break in the training cycle and when I was meant to be recovering from the hard block of training I used up a lot of energy by travelling home for my daughters communion the week before the race.


I left my training base on Thursday evening to travel to Malaga as I was flying home Friday morning. We arrived to Malaga late the evening to find all the restaurants closed. We ended up eventually finding a Chinese restaurant and we eat there. We arrived back to our hotel late and got a terrible nights sleep maybe over the “cat we just eat” but also because of the hotel room been like a sauna as there was no air con. I travelled back to Cork the next day very tired and travelled straight down to Pairc Ui Chaomh as Meghan was running in the Cork schools championships. I took the day off as planned as I knew there was a lot of running about. The following day we had Meghans communion day and the day after we had a party for her inviting family and friends. While at the time it was great afterwards I was just totally drained. Myself and Marian had terrible training sessions that Sunday night after all the activity of the weekend where I ended up stopping . But it wasn’t finished there for me I had to leave for Montegrodo the next day and had to be to the airport for 5am so missed out on another night’s sleep.


I arrived to Portugal on the Monday shattered and the stress of the weekend took its tole and I just never felt right all week. Also for the first time in my life, I felt I was not prepared for the hot and humid conditions in the race. The weather was not that great when I was at altitude so it was a big stress to the system . I finished 10th in the race. For the 1st half of the race I positioned my self well and while I didn’t feel great I felt when the time came to change gears and fight I would come around . But once the race hotted up after 12km I just felt dead flat and had no power or fight. This was very disappointing for me and for the team of people who support me. I was in a very dark place after it all week and was really depressed but its all part of the process of getting over disappointments we will be stronger after it.


Well I am after coming out the other side now and I am motivated to train hard again and get ready for bigger tests in the world championships in Korea in August/September. I had a chance to catch up with family and friends at the weekend that I have not scene in months so it was good to relax and unwind. Ended up by having a 6 hour trek in the Mountain with my old man on the Sunday (he has some endurance for a man his age). But all in all the year has been very strong so far this year I have stayed injury free and have got in some great work there was a blip last week but I have had bigger disappointments in the past and come out stronger so “drive on” Also I would like to congratulate Kate Veale on a savage performance last week she has another 2/3 years at junior so she is the girl to watch for the future. Also Olive gave a very brave performance and was very unlucky at the end to be DQ in clear 2nd place with less than a lap to go.