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Rob Heffernan: Starting back today after having the last 10 days easy. The first part of my year was aimed towards the European cup. I took in a few world grand prix races along the way. These races went well considering the phase of training I was in but the Euro cup ended up been a nightmare for me. Training went really well up to 10 days before the race and I could say I was in the best shape I was ever in after spending a month at altitude. I rented a cave house in the mountains of Seirra Nevada. My wife and two kids Cathal and Meghan spent the first ten days with me. The next ten days where spent alone and the last 10days I was joined by the Minotaur man. All in all the camp worked out really well. Unfortunately I had a break in the training cycle and when I was meant to be recovering from the hard block of training I used up a lot of energy by travelling home for my daughters communion the week before the race.

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Rob Heffernan: Sitting here now in Dublin getting ready to head to the great Ireland Run after getting back from Portugal late last night.The race in Portugal was a stacked field with the current Olympic Champion Valery Borchin, The other Russian Euro Champ, world bronze medallist Sanchez from Mexico and a host of others to name but a few. The race was taken in as part of my build up to the European cup so it can be very tough as your not at a peak mentally and physically so in effect the race is like an elevated training session with no where to hide because the calibre of athlete is so strong.